Aulik Blog: Fall Maintenance

Aulik Blog 4: Winter is Coming

The days are shortening, the nights becoming brisker; summer is past-tense – ‘lo though it was brief and beautiful. 

There is something to be said about Minnesotans and their short summers.  We appreciate and love them more than any of our other 49 brothers and sisters.  The reality is that we get only a few fleeting weeks to neglect our diets, sleep schedules, and projects; and we use them wisely. 

I hope you all made good and proper use of our most precious natural resources: our fresh-water lakes.  I hope you all took in healthy doses of exercise, sun, and their latters.  It doesn’t matter if you’re from The Land of 10,000 Lakes, or if you bleed Green & Gold, fall is nearly here and it’s time to prepare the nest for another winter’s hibernation.

I like to organize and categorize my projects, if for no other reason; it gives me a reason to reward myself with a bee-… lemonade a little more often. 
Let’s begin outside, seeing as we have so little warm weather left, we should dig our claws into it and get out in the sun.

Praise the Sea; on shore remain

Winter in the Midwest provides contractors with many, well documented, challenges.  We’re all over those, and as a full service homebuilder we take as many steps during construction to limit ongoing maintenance and water issues.  But the reality remains: if it rains enough, water can be an issue.

Let’s start with our gutters, downspouts, and roof protrusion.  Snow piles up high, and can easily overwhelm our roof vents and gutters.  Even though we don’t expect a lot of snow melt this winter, the spring will come, and if we have managed to leave our gutters full of leaves and debris, the melting snow will surely clog our downspouts when the immeasurable tons of snow starts feeding our lawns, then passes right on by to start feeding our drain tiles. 

Come to think of it…  I expect that we’ll want to evaluate our sump pumps too.  Yes, I know winter is coming but spring isn’t far behind, and if it snows like my aching bones forecast, you’ll want a sump pump and shop-vac near by as well.  Just double check functionality, dump a bucket of water in your basket and make sure it’s up to snuff.
It’s a good idea to give your snow-blowers a quick start.  If it requires service, you’ll be glad you looked into it now, rather than after the skies have opened up with 8” of ‘heart-attack snow’.  Even in October you will regularly see wait times for small engines as long as a month.

Of course, if you’d rather enjoy a bee-… lemonade and leave the heavy-lifting to us, we’re more than happy to oblige.