Aulik Design Build in Southwest Journal

Aulik Design Build remodeled this beautiful Lake Harriet home several years ago.  Today the home remains timeless and true to it's architectural core.  Read more about the home's stunning Master Bath and how a thoughtful design can bring a home back to life.  

Renovated to its Roots

When the owner of a 1920s home near Lake Harriet called Aulik & Associates about a remodeling project, the homeowner and Gary Aulik, owner of Aulik & Associates, sought out to lead the house back to its architectural roots.  They were pleased when the project’s crowning jewel of the project turned out to be an inspired, second floor master bath.


The renovation project began with a request to reconfigure space on the home’s first floor of the home, re-evaluating a 

porch that had been converted to a family room and looking at opportunities to enhance the kitchen.  The goal was to make the space more functional, improve the flow and accommodate the homeowner’s sophisticated lifestyle.

“It was an interesting job,” Aulik said. “When we look at projects of this scale, particularly if the home is historic, or in a neighborhood with a lot of character, we always want to start by honoring the original intent of the design.  The idea is for an addition to become a seamless part of the house.”

Aulik and his team accomplished this goal by revisiting the home’s original designs and floor plans, which were on file at the University of Minnesota.  With the addition well underway, the opportunity presented itself to take advantage of the additional square footage on the second level of the house.


“When you add square footage to the main floor of a home, you often have an opportunity to build up, as well,” said Aulik. “In this case, the homeowner came to us with a handful of bathroom design photos and asked if it was possible to create a spacious, elegant master bath.”

A photo provided by the client featured a large, sunken bathtub situated in a bay window.  With the client’s approval, Aulik and his team designed a well-proportioned, yet intimate master bath that incorporated the intricate, traditional feel of the rest of the house, as well as luxurious amenities.

Aulik and his team were able to include a large bathtub, situated in the bay window, which provided a view, but was still private based on its location on the lot.  Detailed tile work and an elaborate chandelier brought period elegance to the room.  A steam shower with a domed ceiling covered in blue glass was a favorite modern feature.

“The shower was private, but still maintained a feeling of openness, partially because the domed ceiling provided extra height and the color gave it the feeling of being open to the sky”, said Aulik.  “It was the attention to proportion and finishes – like the medicine cabinets outlined in carved picture frames, that really made this room stand out within a very comprehensive project.”


While the home’s interior was a focus of this renovation project, there were implications for the exterior as well.  The original floor plans Aulik used to inspire the interior design also provided insight into the home’s architectural heritage.

The gables were a notable design feature that leant strong character to the house.  In order to archive the “seamless” quality he was seeking for the addition, Aulik and his team drew that feature into the exterior finish. 

“It is always important to us to tell the story of a home’s past, as well as make it convenient and livable for the owners,” Aulik said. “When we’re done we want people to say ‘I’m comfortable here and I wouldn’t change a thing’.”

Originally published in Southwest Journal's May 2012 issue.