Happy Holidays from the Aulik Companies

This January marks 35 years for the Aulik Companies. 

So as the holiday season comes into full swing, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support.  Since it's inception as a small, one man, remodeling operation, Aulik has been truly blessed to have worked with such great people and companies over the years.  We've been extremely fortunate to work on beautiful homes with engaging clients and top-notch subcontractors.  We here at Aulik want to say "thank you".

"We haven't done the first job right until you ask us to do the second job"...

As I was compiling the Christmas Card list, I couldn't help but notice how many of this year's… READ MORE

Aulik Blog: Fall Maintenance

Aulik Blog 4: Winter is Coming

The days are shortening, the nights becoming brisker; summer is past-tense – ‘lo though it was brief and beautiful. 

There is something to be said about Minnesotans and their short summers.  We appreciate and love them more than any of our other 49 brothers and sisters.  The reality is that we get only a few fleeting weeks to neglect our diets, sleep schedules, and projects; and we use them wisely. 

I hope you all made good and proper use of our most precious natural resources: our fresh-water lakes.  I hope you all took in healthy doses of exercise, sun, and their latters.  It doesn’t matter… READ MORE

Aulik Blog: Selecting a Professional

Aulik Blog 3: Choosing a Professional

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing a design or remodeling professional.  When you sit down at your computer and google “Minneapolis Remodeler” for example you’re going to be inundated with builder who’s google analytics matched up with your search, and you’ll certainly be able to judge and vet them based on some pretty simple items.  Items such as:

- Reputation   -   Location
- Referral        -   Qualifications/Certifications
- Portfolio        -   Awards
- Marketability / Size of Business

Those are pretty boilerplate bullet points that you can use to vet potential Designers or Remodelers… but are… READ MORE

Aulik Blog: Identifying your Project

Aulik Blog:

Identifying your remodel.

There’s something that’s just… a little off… 

Maybe it’s how your move around your kitchen, maybe it’s how many doors you have to open with your hands full of laundry.  Maybe one room is significantly colder than another, or you don’t have any more room for your golf clubs. 

There are no bad ideas during brainstorming…

The best place to start when thinking about a remodel is to DREAM BIG.  Start by looking at your home without really considering cost or impact; and just look at what the ideal conditions are.  Pretend that there are no structural objections or time or cost implications.  Dreaming big will allow… READ MORE

Aulik Design Build Wins at ROMASĀ®

Aulik Design Build is proud to announce their recent success at the 2012 ROMAS® (Remodeler of Merit Awards).  The ROMAS® are an annual award hosted by the Builder's Association of the Twin Cities (BATC).  The contest features awards in a variety of categories ranging from specific rooms and details to whole house remodels.

Aulik had two winning entries this year: "Special - Detail Component" and "Total House, over 2,500 sq. ft."

For more information about the ROMAS® or the BATC, please click here.



The Aulik Companies Have Moved

The Aulik Companies are pround to announce that we have relocated to the historic International Market Square building in Minneapolis.  The International Market Square is Minnesota's premier design center.  Home to hundreds of design professionals, The International Market Square provides us with a tremendous opportunity to expand our network of professionals while keeping current with design and technological standards.  Feel free to stop by any time and see our impressive new office and get to know our staff.

More information on our new location here.