The Aulik Design / Build Planning Process

  1. GETTING TO KNOW YOU AND YOUR PROJECT: In this phase we help you balance your wants and needs with timelines, priorities, and budgets. Preliminary sketches may be produced to ensure a clear understanding of the proposed scope of work.

  2. MOVING FORWARD: Once the general scope and budget of your project has been defined, an Aulik project team will be assigned to oversee and coordinate your design and construction.

  3. SCHEMATIC DESIGN: In this phase various design schemes are explored. We will provide and explain to you your design/build contract. Working closely with you, we decide which scheme best balances your program and budget requirements. Once you have agreed on a scheme, your project will be developed.

  4. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: The main design components of your project are defined in this phase to give more specificity to the design documents and to the scope of work.

  5. PRELIMINARY COST RANGE PRICING: As your design/build partner, we add value to the process by stopping to "check the pulse" midway through design and provide you with a preliminary estimate of your project. This document will further assist you in making value decisions about the scope and character of your project before we advance to Construction Documents.

  6. CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: While our design professionals help you make detailed product selections with an eye on the budget, our team will advance your drawings for a Final Estimate.



  7. FINAL ESTIMATE: With final selections and construction documents complete, the Aulik team estimates the project and shares with you a breakdown of the Estimates. Additional information will be provided to further assist you in making value decisions about your finished project.

  8. CONSTRUCTION: When the estimate and construction schedule have been approved, the Aulik team goes to work building your dream. Regular meetings are held as construction progresses to review the schedule, details, and budget for your project.

  9. CUSTOMER CARE: Once your project is complete, we will review your project in a final walk-through. Here we take a detailed look at workmanship and details, pass on product information and schedule subsequent quality reviews. We also review the Aulik warranty.

  10. MAINTENANCE: Aulik companies will offer you regularly scheduled maintenance services.